frequently asked questions

Why can i not login to my old freebcc account?

This is a completely new version and script. Everything before january 5, 2020 is gone. If you had over 30.000 tokens and have not made a withdrawal on the old version you may contact admin at [email protected] and you will be awarded tokens in the new version, converted to the new system values. just please add your old and new username in the message. and please do not waste both our times with other questions or false claims. I can still check old balances.

What are tokens?

Tokens are an internal currency that will be converted to your chosen cryptocurrency when you withdraw. These tokens have a value determined by the U.S. dollar($). every 1.000 tokens are worth $1.00. this means that when you make a withdrawal the value of your chosen cryptocurrency is then calculated and converted with current market values.

Why is there a minimmum of 100 tokens to withdraw?

This is not that much. but it is an extra check against cheaters. This amount makes sure every user has to solve the second captcha at least twice before they can withdraw. Making sure that bots can not just claim once and withdraw.

Why am i Banned or locked out of my account?

Simple. you broke one of this websites rules that are clearly stated when you first visit the website.

You will not be unbanned, even if you think it is a mistake. creating a second account will just get you banned again.

Will you add more options to earn?

Probably. Just no idea when and what as of yet.

withdrawal erros and pending messages.

This may happen if you entered the worng details in settings or if there were difficulties with connections.

Your withdrawal will be put on status pending untill admin can look at it.
If you made a mistake with your withdrawal details your details will be reset to 0 and you have to try to set them again right. your tokens will be returned to your account too.
If there was a connection issue admin will manually send your withdrawal within 48 hours.