What are tokens?

Tokens are an internal currency that will be converted to your chosen cryptocurrency when you withdraw. These tokens have a value determined by the U.S. dollar($). this means that when you make a withdrawal the value of your chosen cryptocurrency is then calculated and converted with current market values. for example at BTC price around at $8.000,- a 100 tokens withdrawal calculates to 120 satoshi and BTC price at $10.000,- a 100 tokens withdrawal goes for 100 satoshi.

Why is there a minimum of 100 tokens to withdraw?

This is not that much. but it is an extra check against cheaters. This amount makes sure every user has to solve the second captcha at least twice before they can withdraw. Making sure that bots can not just claim once and withdraw.

Why do i keep being directed to the home page when i try to claim?

1. You have reached the daily claim limit. (this limit is in times, not total in tokens)
2. You Failed the Random captcha too many times and are locked out. That lock will not be lifted. The captcha warning is very clear and the captcha is very very easy.

Why am i Banned or locked out of my account?

Simple. you broke one of this websites rules. You will not be unbanned, even if you think it is a mistake.

How to Claim

Using the freebcc faucet is really rather simple:

  • Choose your reward and timer from the dropdown in the middle of the page.
  • Complete catpcha. If it appears.
  • Click -next-
  • On second page wait out timer and click -complete-
  • on return see message with your reward.

That's it. You have 120 seconds to complete a claim or it becomes invalid.

however, at certain intervals, you will be prompted to complete and very simple captcha. this will show in center of the page with a glowing border and warning text. When it shows up please complete it after you choose a reward.

General notes:

Both claim pages have a high probablillity of activating a pop ad. when it does, the claim page will reload in a new tab and will be reset. The best way is to first click anywhere on the page so you set off the pop ad and you can continue in the order shown above.

for mobile/smart phone users it is important to not use the phone's back button after a pop ad. this will return you to page 1 and reset everything. You will be creating errors for your account that way. create too many errors and you will get banned.

Mobile users may get a prompt from their browser that a pop ad was blocked. please use the option to allow them. you may need to find the newly created tab to continue your claim though. to allow popads from freebcc:

  • Open the browser.
  • Tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner.
  • Under Advanced, tap the Content or website Settings.
  • Tap Block Pop-ups, and tap the toggle so that it turns off blocking and allows pop-ups.
withdrawal settings:

freebcc offers only one option to withdraw your tokens. This website only uses the secure microwallet service expresscrypto it can be found via the settings link in the menu. You will have to add the correct information just once. then you may withdraw whenever. provided you reached the minimum of 100 tokes.