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Welcome to sl-wall. While you claim tokens from the faucet, you can only withdraw in actual cryptocurrency by converting them, during withdrawal, via a selection of Microwallets. The tokens have a value in US dollars, so the value in any of the crypto coins will differ according to current market values.

If you are new to cryptocurrencie and faucets, you would do well to read the how to claim guide and microwallet guide. It's all rather easy, but knowing what to expect and what's required could help you make the experience easier.

Withdrawal methods

To save on fees our service uses several microwallets to process withdrawals. Microwallets are great for finding more earning websites and combine earnings from several sources. For faucet and other PTC webistes it is one of the cheaper methods of sending micro payments.

Freebcc has several options for users to choose from. Just add your details for withdrawal once and you can withdraw whenever you wish and have reached the minimum requirement.


As you may have noticed, there are several guides to help users with claiming and understanding different parts of frebcc's service. The news / blog part is just to stay notified on the latest developments and any other news worthy items in the realm of cryptocurrency. The how to claim section should help any new users getting started and not get banned by making simple anti-bot systems in play. The microwallets guide is more a review from the admin' personal experience and dealings as a faucet owner. While the faucet list is just a section with some note worthy faucets that may help you earn even more, the FAq section is just to answer questions that have passed the admin's mailbox.

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